Vehant... Devoted to Service to create CHANGE

Vehant Technologies is cognizant of its responsibilities towards the society. Through our CSR policy, we are staunchly working with respect to the larger good of the society. Our CSR policy has incorporated a meaningful programme for the welfare of the community in and around the areas of operations of Vehant.

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Enabling sustainable cancer access

Cancer treatment in our country is expensive and majority of people are not covered by any form of medical insurance. Therefore, the biggest challenge has been to provide sustained healthcare intervention for needy cancer patients. Vehant, in partnership with St. Judes sponsors family units and tries to provide them place where the patients can stay for short periods to avail the treatment at affordable price. Our support contributes in giving them the best chance for fighting their illness. The initiative was undertaken in previous years and the company continues to offer support to the families.

Sponsored Physiotherapy Equipment

Vehant joined hands with HCRA to bring change in the life of differently-abled children. With the view of encouraging children and to make them self dependent, Vehant donated physiotherapy and certain other devices so that the children can level with main stream. Vehant strives to add value to their lives by providing these aids.

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Brail Tactile Books

With a vision of empowering students with visual impairment, Vehant sponsored tactile books in association with for promoting education and literacy among the students of JPM School. The books include documents in accessible formats, tactile diagrams, and special focus on content related to STEM education. Our goal is to make students self reliant and self confident to pursue subjects and careers that they are passionate about. We wish to create skillful workforce by instilling the spirit of education among the youth.

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Tablets for surveillance operations

Safety of women during travel is often overlooked. In this context, the initiative ‘My Saheli’ taken by South Eastern Railway is a commendable one and to support the same, Vehant sponsored 6 laptops this year for surveillance at railway stations. The contribution solely focuses to avoid incidents during travel, with a view to ensure women’s safety. We wish that such initiatives flourish all across the country.

Mobility Aid Distribution Drive

At Vehant, we believe in a journey of small steps that lead to meaningful change in people’s lives. With an aim to make lives better for differently-abled people, Vehant successfully organized Mobility Aid Distribution Drive and donated crutches made with upgraded technology. The initiative was accomplished in collaboration with Rotary Delhi Central Charitable Trust.

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Improving Computer Education

In life of future generation, computer education is essential with computers becoming a standard of education across the world. Correspondingly, the role of teachers in society is both significant and valuable. They are one of the main pillars of a sound and progressive society. Promoting programming skills among young learners is among the major objectives of Vehant. We aim to help them gain problem-solving skills, and build their logical, strategical and analytical thinking abilities through coding competitions and other related activities within computer-teaching methodology. In continuation to the previous years’ commitment, Vehant continues to sponsor consultancy fee of Computer Teacher in a school at Gagret, Himachal Pradesh.

Supporting Education and Living

In continuation to previous year association, Vehant is committed to support education & growth of children living without parental care in the NGO- SOS Children’s Village, to ensure their comprehensive development. Vehant contributes to a basket of care solutions provided by this NGO like family care, special needs childcare, foster care, kinship care and many more.
Vehant is committed to provide an enjoyable and enriching living experience to all these children and help them grow in their safe, friendly and homely environment.The children pursued higher education through the support offered to them and their success stories include working as hospital staff in London and Abu Dhabi, and pursuing career in radiology, to name a few.

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