About Us
AI and Deep learning based Premise Security and Traffic Enforcement Solutions

About Us

Incubated in Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)-Delhi in 2005, Vehant Technologies is a pioneer in Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning- based  Physical  Security,  Surveillance and  Traffic  Monitoring  & Junction Enforcement Solutions. Designed & developed in India ; manufactured in India and Europe to meet global standards, features and quality.

Our state of the art solutions are continuously leveraging technological innovations in Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Deep Learning etc.

Global capabilities - Vehant boasts worldwide sales, service and manufacturing facilities based out of India & Netherlands that can quickly respond to customer needs and deliver products & solutions anywhere in the world.

Over last 18 years our products have saved life & property across multiple countries across the world. With our extensive experience and dedicated team, we are ready to offer tailored solutions for your need and back it up by global service support. 

“Technological innovation and advancement is the core strength of Vehant and our highly efficient team of researchers is impelled to offer Vehant’s clients products and solutions which are crafted to perfection.”

Vehant Technologies : About Us

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Vehant Technologies strive to create the most efficient security and surveillance solutions for our clients, crafted to perfection by an excellent team of product development engineers.


Using Technology for creating a Safer and Secure Tomorrow