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AI Making Driving A Safer Experience

As per The World Health Organization, around a million people lose their lives each year due to road accidents. As horrifying as these numbers are, these accidents are easily avoidable with the help of Artificial Intelligence.


We can attain effectiveness, and a significant impact only when data and connectivity satisfy the user needs. In this fast-moving world, things can change in a blink of an eye on highways and crossings. Hence, real-time sensing, observing and informing plays a vital role.

Achieving that while solely relying on the power of human decision making can be tricky. However, machine learning and Artificial Intelligence can be our solution here. AI algorithms can cut long process and efficiently analyze the historical data and numbers in a fraction of seconds while eliminating the risk of errors.


The software developers at Vehant have come up with a line of products called TrafficMon that support this cause.

The line of by-products falling under TrafficMon are:

  • Red light violation detection system
  • Speed violation detection system
  • No helmet violation detection system
  • Triple riding violation detection system
  • Parking violation detection system

By the development of these projects, Vehant aims at enhancing road safety by increasing awareness towards the condition of roads, driving practices, and most importantly, negligence of road safety protocols.


Gone are the days when 'futuristic' technology was just a term, as we are using them already. AI is one of them. With the help of such technological advancements, safe traffic can become a reality.

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