Artificial intelligence being employed to reduce covid spread
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Artificial Intelligence Being Employed To Reduce Covid Spread

The impact of COVID-19 can be seen globally. Every nation has deployed its full resources to fight this battle. As the spread of this Virus is rapid, manually controlling it is not easy.


Artificial Intelligence has the potential to reduce the spread of COVID 19 as it makes higher correlations that a human is incapable of making. Especially in such circumstances where the pandemic has community spread, and maintaining social distancing is essential.

An uninterrupted sound monitoring system is the need of the hour. In order to ensure the safety and security of each individual and to reacquire the lost confidence of the workers, clients and visitors, Vehant technologies have introduced a new solution - FebriEye.


We have been studying for ages now that precaution is always better than cure; hence FebriEye is a precautionary step to reduce the spread of Virus.

FebriEye is an AI-based, contact-less thermal temperature screening system. It includes advanced analytics such as face mask and social distancing monitoring.

The solution is formatted to detect facial temperatures, and it generates an alert when a high temperature is detected. We very well understand the importance of Face masks and social distancing protocols; hence FebriEye system is designed to generate an alert if it comes across a violation of the above mentioned.

AI is our one-stop solution to reduce the multiplication of the virus and plays a vital role in safety and security. This exceedingly innovative technological advancement has proven to be most appropriate when deployed at construction sites, offices, shops/marts/malls, factories, airports and metro stations.

FebriEye will surely help to gain trust and faith back & will also help the businesses to run again in this NEW NORMAL.

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