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DepScan- A Gamechanger in Under Vehicle Scanning

High-security systems supported by high-end technology are measured as most essential, considering the increased rate of crimes and terror attacks these days. Be it the official premises or home one needs security equipment to perceive and protect from unfortunate circumstances. The scale of terrorist attacks is unparalleled and criminals use vehicle under-chassis to carry contraband to sensitive places. We need systems that can anticipate incidents way ahead of time to curb mishaps. Under-Vehicle scanning systems are an excellent way of identifying the presence of such items which are planted in the underside of vehicles with the wrong intentions or for major destruction.

Under-vehicle scanning has become a vital security measure that enables administrators to expose destructive objects such as contraband and bombs. Traditional under-vehicle scanning involves manual intervention at several points affecting the efficiency and increasing the operator’s burden to scan and do safety checks. Under Vehicle Scanning System, a path-breaking innovation is used to scan the undercarriage of vehicles to ensure that all parts of the vehicle undercarriage are inspected automatically, thereby eliminating the need for manual inspections.

Technologies used for better safety and security


Stereo Vision Technology

The stereo vision technique is based on a 3D imaging technology that offers depth perception. This is machine vision technique that uses two or more cameras to provide a full field view of 3D measurements. It is similar to the human eye perception in which one can perceive the depth of viewed objects by analyzing their depth from multiple viewpoints through triangulation of rays. It works the same as a human eye to give an accurate, real-time depth perception by using two sensors at a set distance apart to triangulate similar pixels from both 2D planes.

One can determine the 3D location of an object by ray intersections and basic triangulation of pixels. With more disparity, there is more angular offset from the viewed object which gives more in-depth information. With artificial illumination, stereo vision is an active technology and with no such illumination required, it is considered passive.


DepScan Technology – The Game Changer

DepScan is a security tool that uses stereoscopic vision technology to scan the underside of vehicles. It is a Next-Gen game-changing technology for the ever-growing realm of security tech with a better efficiency level. By means of advanced stereoscopic vision technology, DepScan does depth-based comparison using multiple cameras, which are placed side by side to obtain multiple views of the underbelly of any vehicle from different angles. The system generates a point cloud-based 3D model which helps to get the relative depth information.

This technology is similar to human binocular vision. In the traditional UVSS, the underbelly scanning includes inspection of the ‘x-y’ axis, but in this new advanced technology, a third dimension ‘the z-axis is also obtained that helps in distinguishing the usual underside from any foreign object by studying the depth of the object. DepScan is equipped with an advanced and user-friendly GUI. The product achieves excellent results even when deployed in low light since it uses its own sequence of LEDs. The stereo vision camera systems are calibrated to capture images in real-time and use color depth mapping for better visibility of the undercarriage. 3D depth cameras of DepScan offer exactly the image and depth data needed for the detection of deflections when compared to standard images from the database. The solution automatically highlights anomalies through audio and visual alarms. Its vacuum air cleaning system removes dirt accumulation on top of the camera so that a clear image can be captured with pristine clarity at all times during the day and at night. The optional features like the driver camera and number plate recognition camera offer additional images of the driver and the license plate respectively with pristine clarity.

It is always advisable to make provision for the latest security equipment as safety first is safety always.


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