Enhancing security with nuvo scan: under vehicle screening systems
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Enhancing Security with Nuvo Scan: Under Vehicle Screening Systems


In the rapidly evolving realm of security, safeguarding critical infrastructure, sensitive facilities, and high-security zones remains of utmost importance. At the forefront of enhancing security measures stands the  Under Vehicle Screening Systems such as Nuvo Scan. With its cutting-edge technology and comprehensive features, Nuvo Scan is transforming the landscape of security and surveillance, offering users an unprecedented level of assurance.

The Under Vehicle Screening Systems (UVSS) are essential components of contemporary security procedures. UVSS technology involves the use of specialized equipment to inspect the undersides of vehicles for hidden threats or suspicious items. Traditionally, manual techniques such as using mirrors or visual checks were time-consuming and prone to human mistakes.

The ability of Nuvo Scan( UVSS)  to generate high-resolution single-view images of vehicle undersides is a key component of its capabilities. Modern cameras, illuminators, sensors, and electromechanical assemblies are intricately combined to do this. By utilizing Nuvo Scan Area, an advanced image-composing software, the system overcomes common challenges associated with vehicle movement, ensuring seamless and distortion-free composite images even when the vehicle comes to a complete halt atop the UVSS (Under Vehicle Scanning System).

Here are some key features that make Nuvo Scan stand out:


  • High-Resolution Composite Color Image: It delivers high-resolution and detailed images, providing security personnel with the necessary information to conduct thorough inspections.

  • All-Weather Proof Enclosures: Built to withstand the elements, this under-vehicle scanning system ensures reliable operation in diverse environmental conditions.

  • Air Cleaner Mechanism: It incorporates an air cleaner mechanism, further enhancing its resilience and performance in challenging environments.

  • Vehicle Entry Database & Reporting: It offers comprehensive database and reporting features, allowing users to maintain records of vehicle entries and generate reports for analysis and auditing purposes.

  • Security Password Protection: Robust password protection mechanisms are included to guarantee data security and prevent unwanted access.

  • CE and ISO Certification: As a testament to its quality and compliance with international standards, Nuvo Scan is CE and ISO certified, providing users with confidence in its reliability and performance.

Nuvo Scan's applications are vast, covering transportation hubs, government facilities, military installations, and corporate campuses. Whether detecting threats, or contraband, or enhancing perimeter security, Nuvo Scan is essential for safeguarding critical assets. In conclusion, Nuvo Scan signifies a significant leap in under-vehicle scanning, offering unparalleled precision and reliability. Its effectiveness empowers security professionals globally, ensuring readiness for evolving security challenges and a safer future for all.

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