5 ai-driven solutions transforming public safety through technologies
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5 Ai-Driven Solutions Transforming Public Safety Through Technologies


As the world is moving significantly towards technological advancements, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into security systems is transforming the entire setting of public safety. Securing the safety of a nation has expanded beyond traditional physical threats to encompass cyber and societal challenges. AI helps to increase real-time intelligence and protect national security which requires constant innovation and adaptability. This is an era where security concerns are multifaceted, and the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) with public safety measures marks a revolutionary shift in our approach to national security.

Under Vehicle Scanning system

Under Vehicle Scanning System is an innovative technological advancement that offers an efficient solution for scanning, inspecting, and digitally recording the underside of vehicles. The system is equipped with dual high-resolution cameras that capture a 3D color view of vehicles passing over the UVSS (Under Vehicle Surveillance System). Vehant Technology has seamlessly integrated innovative features into its vehicle scanning system, NuvoScan-3D to enhance vehicle security and inspection processes.

X-ray Screening Systems

X-Ray Screening Systems play an important role in improving security by detecting prohibited items and ensuring public safety. A highly advanced system like this can detect threats like guns, knives, etc. This not only increases security and efficiency but also reduces the aspect of human errors. Vehant’s AI-based KritiScan ensures effective threat detection and contributes significantly to the broader security system. What makes it highly beneficial is that it requires little or no training to operate.

Traffic Enforcement System

Traffic enforcement system is the process of enforcing laws and regulations to manage and control vehicular traffic on roads. It comprises a range of measures aimed at increasing road safety, like Red light violations, speeding violations, wrong-way driving, and the absence of helmet use on two-wheelers. Through its AI-driven traffic system named TrafficMon, Vehant technology hopes to reduce these violations. This will not only create a safer road environment but will also raise public awareness by highlighting the importance of traffic enforcement settings.

Automatic License Plate Reading

License plate recognition is a cutting-edge security technology that helps to detect and read license plates in real time. Whether it’s day or night, this technology offers great accuracy with unparalleled efficiency. The advanced capabilities of Vehant’s VehiScan include automated classification. It helps to categorize vehicles quickly and its alert features help improve security by notifying relevant authorities in the case of suspicious or blacklisted plates.

Explosive Trace Detectors

Detectors have become essential for identifying a broad range of threats, including bombs, narcotics, and dangerous substances such as nitro-glycerine, ammonium nitrate, and RDX. It differentiates between military, regular, and homemade explosives, using a variety of methodologies to classify them based on their unique characteristics. And Explosive Trace Detectors – NanoSniffer by Vehant Technology makes sure that the severity of such explosive materials can be detected accurately.

The discussed AI-driven solutions are at the edge of reshaping how nations approach public safety and security. With the benefits of AI, we can build smarter and responsive systems that proactively address dangers, assuring individuals’ safety and well-being. The future of security depends on adopting next-generation technologies and using their potential to create a safe and more secure environment.

Source: IT Voice

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