How video analytics is becoming an integral part of urban governance
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How Video Analytics Is Becoming an Integral Part of Urban Governance

Video analytics is transforming the urban governance with utmost security and policing


People across the country wish to live in urban areas due to the availability of employment opportunities and other requirements of life. Due to this very propensity, the population in urban areas is rising by the day, making it necessary for the government to take the help of modern technology in managing the cities better. In the pursuit of such technologies, the urban authorities found Al enabled video analytics efficacious to keep an eye on everyday activities in the city and ensure robust security.

The evolution of data analytics has made the world smarter and enabled it to complete different tasks efficiently. Video analytics integrated with advanced technologies like- AI, the Internet of Things (IoT), and data analytics can be extremely effective in dealing with the biggest challenges the urban areas are facing. The megacities are facing problems in areas such as traffic management, law & order, safety & security. Video analytics platform with the use of the latest AI/ML technology creates a holistic solution to boost security provisions and facilitate proactive operational support. Hence, the technology is helping the urban municipalities to create a safe living environment.

Historically several surveillance cameras remain in action in cities. However, they are almost ineffective in preventing crimes, primarily due to human limitations. These cameras continuously send video footage of thousands of cameras and it’s virtually impossible for a manual operator to even see these many numbers of cameras, let alone act on events. Even if an incident happens, manual footage goes unobserved and incidents are missed and most of the CCTV cameras end up being for post-event analysis rather than prevention of events/crime. AI/ML-based incident/event detection on CCTV videos and data analytics on the same makes the process of surveillance easier, effective and provides almost real-time prevention. It enables the authorities to take appropriate actions on time. The system sends alerts and gives important insights that make the authorities deal with the problems efficiently and smartly.

The technology analyzes humongous amount of image/video data simultaneously, helping the authorities in conducting research, looking at patterns, finding trends, planning safety and security better.

In an AI/ML-based Intelligent Traffic monitoring system critical insights about traffic movement on the busy roads of the cities are possible in real-time. It helps the authority understand the causes of congestion, identify traffic patterns, and detect the possibilities of accidents. These timely alerts enable the authorities to prepare to deal with the situation successfully. Similarly, automated traffic enforcement systems remove manual error and corruption and automated traffic violation detection in a city.

Cities witness continuous expansion in terms of areas and facilities. Analytics plays a key role in facilitating urban development. Determining areas for expansion, availability of resources, and ensuring minimum possible effect on the surroundings have always been a cumbersome task for authorities. The data and insights provided by video analytics after the monitoring of the area aid authorities in planning, arranging, and managing different resources. It gives swiftness to the decision-making process and the project implementation.
City authorities try to create a conducive environment for city dwellers to live in safe surroundings. AI-powered video analytics helps the authority in enhancing city life in multiple ways with the help of data-driven insights. These insights empower authorities to spread different critical information and create awareness regarding a policy of the government. These activities are completed while maintaining the privacy of the citizens. Besides improving the quality of life, video analytics aids in fostering sustainability and streamlining related activities.

It is expensive for the government to manage the overall activities of the cities. Every step or measure requires a good amount of money and time. Video analytics is a cost-effective surveillance system. The data and information processed is stored either on-premise or a cloud provided by the customers, that can be accessed anytime easily. Such a video analytics solution is easy to deploy and manage. The system saves a huge amount of money and time.

The video analytics system helps in saving time that can be utilized for other productive purposes. It provides exact information that makes the decision-making process easier and faster. Furthermore, the video analytics and surveillance by the authorities instill confidence among the people. It creates a sense of security among them. On the other hand, it ensures that the activities of the common people, as well as the authorities, are in compliance with the rules and regulations of the government.

With the evolution of the video analytics system, the government and local bodies are becoming stronger in offering services and security to the public. The solutions are scalable as well; it enables the authorities to upgrade the features and facilities as per the evolving needs.

Urban authorities have to manage every aspect of life in cities in a robust manner. Video analytics empowers them to implement rules and regulations across the departments such as law enforcement, healthcare, hygiene, traffic movement, and others. The system has reduced their burden significantly and enhanced their efficiency. They are now able to turn the city into a smart and sustainable habitat. These are the reasons why video analytics has become an integral part of city planning and governance.

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