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Portable Under Vehicle Scanning System - Features & Benefits

Why NuvoScan® (P) - Portable Under Vehicle Scanning System

Keeping the current scenario of the world in mind, we can witness a rise in terror activities and threats in the last few decades. When tasked with ensuring the safety of people, it is essential to have the tools available so that the task can be performed in a fast and effective manner. Under Vehicle Scanning Systems (UVSS) is among the most important tools used for vehicle security due to the increase in vehicle-borne threats. A portable scanning system allows the freedom to conduct vehicle scans anywhere and at a moment’s notice.

Need of NuvoScan® - Under Vehicle Scanning System

The undercarriage is the only area of any vehicle which not easily visible for security check & can never be locked or sealed. It is quite easy to hide various types of damaging objects such as contraband and bombs in the undercarriage of any vehicle. So to keep the premise secure & ensure proper safety automatic Under Vehicle Scanning System can be deployed at the vehicle entrance gate. Our AI & ML based UVSS is a complete camera system combining hardware and software to scan the undercarriage of vehicles passing through the checkpoints.

NuvoScan - Under Vehicle Scanning System has been developed with world-class technology based on the real-time COLOR area scanning technology & has a lot of unique salient features. NuvoScan® uses the combination of high-end electro-mechanical assemblies, cameras, illuminators, and sensors, besides an image processing software. This highly advanced AI-based solution can easily inspect the undercarriage of all kinds of vehicles, such as cars, trailers, etc. UVSS eliminates the need for physical devices to detect destructive & illegal objects, also it is more efficient and accurate. This under vehicle surveillance system can easily compare undercarriage images automatically with references & it is easy to inspect vehicles during both night and day.

Why is UVSS portability important and what are the benefits?

The portability of scanning systems can substantially affect how (and if) security personnel can deploy in high stress & rapid situations. Light, durable, and highly mobile scanning systems allow fast, effective & easy deployment in any situation. Below are few benefits of portable UVSS -
· Safer/Faster - Systems can be deployed in urgent situations resulting in environments that are made safer in a faster time frame. NuvoScan portable under vehicle scanning systems is the lightest and most portable systems in the industry. These systems can be deployed by an individual & is highly reliable.

· Mobile Power - Traditional power methods are not always available where mobile checkpoints are needed. True portability means the system can be set up anywhere/anytime. Our UVSS can be deployed by being plugged into traditional power methods, but when none are available, a vehicle power inverter kit will work perfectly.

· Flexible - The only constant insecurity is the constant change of threats. Portability gives security planners the flexibility to not be tied down to one location resulting in a broader range of checkpoint deployments. Our lightweight UVSS frame needs minimal setup, no auxiliary equipment setup, and has a minimal footprint.

· Day/Night – Security checkpoints are conducted during the day, but at night as well. An under-vehicle inspection system should have the capability to provide efficient vehicle scan lighting during night time installations, but also have system monitors that can be seen easily during full sun, daytime operations. Our NuvoScan portable UVSS includes intelligent lighting that illuminates a wider viewing range with uniform lighting to enable a clear view of the undercarriage during the day or night.

NuvoScan (P) UVSS Features -

  • High-resolution composite COLOR image
  • Air cleaner mechanism for all-weather operation
  • Vehicle entry database & reporting features
  • Security password protection
  • Easy to install

This exceptional solution is best suitable for corporate offices, government offices, airports, hotels, defense regiments, malls & marts, and premises where vehicle monitoring is highly recommended. This Under Vehicle Inspection System is easy to install and maintain.

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