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Vehant Technologies announces the launch of its AI platform “OKEAN”. The platform is GPU powered and offers Video analytics surrounding various parameters - providing insights that can be used to understand behaviour, incidents etc. Helping improve SoP compliance's and overall operations. There are various analytics that can be processing simultaneously on the Okean AI platform

Safe & Smart City Analytics

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    Management Analytics
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    Enforcement Analytics

Enterprise Analytics

Safe & Smart City Analytics comprises of Automated Number Plate Reading System, Speed Violation Detection System, Red Light Violation Detection System, Crowd Management, Law & Order Violation detection, Vehicle classification, Illegal Parking, Crowd detection & counting, Theft detection, Damage of public property, Garbage Removal, Graffiti search, smoke & fire detection etc. Okean AI platform leverages neural network-powered deep learning algorithms, by analyzing events in real-time as well as historical data, to understand patterns and assist safe & smart city infrastructure decision automatically based on different situations.


In Enterprise Analytics OKEAN can help detect and alert about various SoP compliance like Social Distancing, Face-Mask , Hairnet/Chef-Cap Monitoring, Hand Wash and Gloves Monitoring, Contact Less Attendance Management, Touch-Less Temperature Checking, Line crossing, Intrusion detection, Loitering detection, Abandoned Object etc. Using Computer Vision, Object detection and classification, platform can analyse live video feeds from camera and provide advantages in various areas starting with real-time incident detection. Data generated across multiple camera and location can further be visualized using Dashboards to provide users a view of incidents taking place across geography

Okean AI helps in reducing your risk of non-compliance, cost of monitoring, and increases your customer NPS (Net Promoter Score). It is the most efficient way to monitor outdoor as well as indoor activities.

CSR Vision Statement

The Following products are powered by Okean AI platform suite.

Intel® Processors offer power-efficient performance as well as specialized capabilities. We are benefiting from the SIMD MMX instruction sets of the Core I Series processors for further improving application performance. Intel processors enhance computational efficiency of the product.