COVID Analytics™ - AI based Intelligent Analytics Solutions

COVID Analytics™ - AI based Intelligent Analytics Solutions

Vehant’s COVID Analytic platform is an AI, and Computer Vision driven image analytics solution which caters to the Covid-19 related violations. Fused with advanced techniques in Geo tagging and AI algorithms, it is engineered to observe violations such as Social Distance Monitoring, Face mask detection system and Vehicle Movement Detection (during movement restrictions imposed by authorities). The visible and wide stream from cameras and AI techniques help in providing real-time alerts for COVID violation detection, even in large areas. It can also be programmed to issue hot-list warnings.

Vehant’s Covid violation detection system has pragmatic worth under the current setting of covid-19 pandemic. Various modules offered by Vehant in support of the fight against Corona virus include

  • Face mask Detection- Vehant offers AI based Face Mask Detector that uses visible stream from camera combined with AI techniques to detect and generate an alert for people not wearing face masks. A user-friendly interface allows to monitor and review alerts generated by the face mask detection system. The AI based detector raises the flag for people not following the most effective social distancing guideline of wearing face mask. The face mask detection system generates an alert of the violation so that the administrative authorities can take appropriate action. The authorities can enforce social distancing protocol among the crowd using this product. Vehant’s offering is fit for recognizing individuals with, without and inaccurately wearing masks with sensible exactness. 
  • Social Distance Detection and monitoring- Social distance detection system offers video investigation using video analytics. It involves computational examination in order to allow facial acknowledgment, movement recognition and group checking. Vehant’s system is equipped for remembering identified countenances (eg. Through face acknowledgment profound learning system), offering contact-less detection. The system performs crowd monitoring to attain high-level understanding of crowd behaviour by processing the scene in a global and a local manner. Subsequently, it offers macroscopic modules like crowd density, crowd counting and flow estimation also. Covid Violation detection is accomplished by detecting, tracking and computing inter-personal distances using microscopic techniques. Discrete density maps are generated to classify the crowd state in each frame. 
  • Hand wash monitoring
  • Hot spot analysis/ Crowd gathering/ Tailgating detection
  • Non-Contact Detection and Contact-less Temperature Checks- Vehant’s Thermal temperature screening system is ideal for indoor enclosed areas like entrances to events, transport hubs like airports, metro stations, etc., manufacturing plants, buildings, hotels, shopping malls, commercial complexes, gated societies and the like. The facial detection system detects the facial temperature with high accuracy to generate alert when high temperature is detected.


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The salient features of Vehant’s Covid Violation detection system are

  • 1. High throughput
  • 2. Real time alerts
  • 3. Convenient deployment
  • 4. Dual camera
  • 5. Integration with existing surveillance (Indoor/Outdoor) camera setup
  • 6. Post event analytics
  • 7. Hot list alerts


Vehant Technologies is a pioneer in offering AI-based real time covid violation detection system that offers ready associations to adjust to the new standard to encourage appropriate adherence to rules and keep each local area protected and sound. The social distance detection system and face mask detection system facilitate mass surveillance using closed circuit cameras. The systems are social distance estimation and crowd monitoring solutions with potential to cover other application areas and tasks as enlisted above.