COVID Analytics™ - AI based Intelligent Analytics Solutions
COVID Analytics™ - AI based Intelligent Analytics Solutions

Vehant’s creation, COVID Analytics™ is an AI, and Computer Vision driven image analytics solution which caters to the Covid-19 related violations. Fused with advanced techniques in Geo tagging and AI algorithms, it is engineered to observe violations such as Social Distance Monitoring, Face mask detection and Vehicle Movement Detection (during movement restrictions imposed by authorities). The visible and wide stream from cameras and AI techniques help in providing real-time alerts against COVID violation detection, even in large areas. It can also be programmed to issue hot-list warnings.

Features at a Glance

  • AI based Face Mask Detection
  • Can be integrated with existing surveillance (Indoor/Outdoor) camera setup
  • Social Distance Monitoring
  • Non-Contact Detection
  • Convenient Deployment
  • Real time alerts
  • Post event analytics
  • Pillion rider detection
  • Unauthorized vehicular movement
  • Hot list alerts
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The system's multilevel and modular software architecture enables it to be suitable for implementation in existing cameras. It can be deployed in various places such as shop floors, traffic junctions, construction sites, airports, manufacturing units and business parks. In the fight against COVID-19, this system helps the authorities in enforcing public safety norms. Enabling the coverage of wide areas in less time leads to time efficiency and cost saving.

AI Techniques derived Face Mask Module helps in the real-time detection of whether or not a person is wearing a face mask, the live stream from the cameras helps in monitoring social distancing and Geo tagging and AI algorithms allows the traffic personnel to move a step further in detecting and tracking vehicles which violate the traffic enforcement rules.