FebriEye™  (H & EL) - AI based Thermal Temperature Monitoring System

FebriEye™ (H & EL) - AI based Thermal Temperature Monitoring System

FebriEye is an AI-based Thermal temperature screening system with advanced analytics. This state-of-the-art temperature monitoring or fever monitoring system provides alerts whenever a COVID violation is detected. Vehant’s FebriEye also features a highly precise, top-of-the-line temperature screening camera with razor-sharp imaging. Unlike the hand-held cameras, this temperature screening system enforces social distancing protocols.

Features at a Glance

  • Measures Forehead Temperature
  • AI based Face Mask Detection
  • Social Distance Monitoring
  • Temperature Monitoring/Fever Monitoring System
  • Non-Contact Detection
  • Thermal Camera
  • Dual (Thermal + Vision) Camera
  • Accuracy + 0.3 C with black body*
  • Convenient Deployment
  • High Throughput
  • Real time alerts
  • Fever Monitoring System
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FebriEye™ (H & EL) is a thermal temperature screening system with additional analytics such as face mask detection, social distance monitoring, and & temperature monitoring through Thermal Camera or temperature screening camera. 
This temperature screening system is best suited for indoor or covered areas with high volume pedestrian transit like entrances to events, airports, train stations, manufacturing plants, buildings, hotels, commercial complexes, shopping malls, gated societies and the like.

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In today’s world of fast travel between national and international junctions, spreading of infectious diseases can happen within hours, the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic being a suitable example. In order to protect people from corona virus or being a potential carrier, Vehant Technologies, after conducting an extensive research has come up with FebriEye. 

FebriEye covers a wide area in a short span of time, enabling high-speed screening of all individuals present at or crossing the scene, making it highly time-efficient. Its robust construction and flexible mounting enables easy usage. The system promotes contact less temperature monitoring with high accuracy even in crowded areas.On screen and high-volume alerts help in identifying one or more individuals in a crowded area at the same time which makes it easier for the authorities to gain control.

FebriEye also provides the facility of monitoring multiple cameras mounted at multiple locations from one centralized screen.

Disclaimer: The black body is only with FebriEye™ (H)