Enterprise Analytics Solutions

Enterprise Analytics Solutions

Vehant’s AI-based Enterprise analytics digs out patterns hidden in your business and identify root causes, and apply solutions to data-driven actions. Vehant’s state-of-the-art security solutions use video analytics to help you anticipate business opportunities, target marketing campaigns and reduce customer churn. Our AI-based video analytics engine is designed to handle massive amounts of data in many formats originating from a wide variety of sources and delivers faster insights to give you the edge you need in today’s world.

The Okean AI platform offered by Vehant is GPU powered and offers video analytics surrounding various parameters - providing insights that can be used to understand behavior, incidents, etc. Vehant’s enterprise analytics engine helps you improve SoP compliance and overall operations. Our AI platform is capable of processing various analytics simultaneously on the Okean AI platform.

The enterprise analytics solution by Vehant is successfully offered in various industry sectors such as

  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Logistics & Delivery
  • Education
  • PPE & Safety

The main modules of Vehant’s video analytics system that are applicable to enterprises are

  • Facial Recognition- Vehant’s FRS is potentially useful in the enterprise industry in the areas like network security, physical security, etc. owing to its high accuracy and low intrusiveness. Our R& D team analyzed technical issues involved in widespread application of video surveillance for person identification like image distortion, makeup, hairstyle, gender, age, accessories, facial expression, occlusion, translation, scaling, etc. and thus designed and developed the FRS system.
  • Smoke and Fire Detection- This module is based on image processing without the use of sensors. It uses classifiers and deep learning algorithms on the color models of images for both fire and smoke detection. The system combines the color information with motion analysis to detect fire and smoke.  
  • Incident and Violence Detection- Our incident and violence detection module is a security solution based on edge computing that can automatically detect safety threat events in real time and notify the parties immediately. The module improves security awareness and prompt responses to safety incidents. Vehant’s enterprise analytics solution offers human action recognition tractable from a distance using computer vision techniques. The use case of action recognition is predominantly useful for recognition of person collapse in videos or video-surveillance footage. Vehant’s research team has highlighted the importance of violence detection and delved into machine learning techniques. They worked on action recognition system on simple human actions like walking, jumping, hand wavering, etc. and focused the module on recognizing intense and severe actions equivalent to violence. They further included abandoned object detection, crowd detection with this module.

Our AI based platform is self-subsistent to detect and alert you about the possible incident or a violence break out. Our violence detector has immediate applicability in large scale surveillance systems deployable in institutions such as schools, elder care homes, prisons and the like, in order to alert authorities about potentially dangerous situations.

Vehant’s violence and incident detection system uses AI based video surveillance cameras for such detection. Violence detection is challenging to handle since it involves group activity. Vehant’s system performs anomalous and abnormal activity analysis in a crowd video scene in real time through object recognition, action recognition, crowd analysis and ultimately violence detection.


  • Loitering Detection- Vehant Technologies offers deep learning loitering Detection System that comprises object recognition, detection, tracking, loitering detection, feature extraction and identification of loiterer. This further requires camera switching for accurate loitering detection. The system performs trajectory analysis through video analytics using time and displacement thresholds of the moving person. The algorithm is switched to different cameras in same vicinity to assure that the identified person is loitering by comparing his loitering features through video analytics and deep learning.

Vehant Technologies’ enterprise analytics solution strategy is our comprehensive, long-term plan for implementing enterprise data analytics at every level of business.