Facial Recognition System

Facial Recognition System

Vehant Technologies offers Face Recognition System that provides an incredibly versatile human recognition screening and facial scanning technology. The system is the next generation system offering solution to various security concerns along with immediate extension of outreach to the  commercial domain.

Vehant’s Face Recognition Technology recognizes human face digitally in video to identify and highlight ponderable information. The whole human face is recognized and used for authentication on premise or on high security areas.

This platform is precisely designed at Vehant to detect and discern faces in photos and videos in real-world scenario. For example, when people are in motion, or there is poor lighting condition, or when the subject is partially visible or recognized. The face recognition is done by scanning faces and analyzing the captured images in real time when the person or subject passes through the field of view of a camera which has FRS algorithm running through it. FRS is the most trusted and highly recommended facial identification & recognition platform.

Salient Features:

  • Image Resolution as low as 24 pixels
  • High accuracy rate in low light and swift movement
  • Multiple image analysis in real time (0.5secs as per resources)
  • Available on AWS

FRS Components:

  • Server with GPU for storage
  • 4 MP camera
  • POE switch
  • basic cabling
  • Windows/Linux environment


Salient Features – Facial Recognition in Video Analytics

  • Face as a password
  • Customer recognition
  • Three factor authentication
  • Visitor tracking and access control
  • Photo and media tagging
  • Alerts on match
  • Flexible inputs & deployment
  • Customization, private & secure
  • Instant personalization or profile management
  • Suspect search
  • VIP Customer recognition
  • Facial Based Attendance
  • Block listing of suspects


Facial Recognition System
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Face Recognition Camera

Vehant’s Facial Recognition System can capture and show you image resolution as low as 24 pixels. The system works with cameras that have the ability to scan the faces even when people are moving fast or there is less light, or if the face is partially concealed by caps. Detection after Face Scan, and Recognition of those faces are available in both real-time and off-line modes. The basic requirements of the facial recognition system comprise of a Server with GPU for storage, 4 MP camera, POE switch and basic cabling.

Facial Recognition is achieved by analyzing multiple images of the same face and the results can be achieved in around 0.5 seconds depending on resources. The server based deployment uses Windows or Linux. The software is embedded within the camera and is compatible with multiple camera platforms as well as chipsets using Linux. FRS is available as Web Server Application on AWS, our technology partner for cloud storage.

The company has built the FRS for cameras that even work in low lighting conditions and various other places. These include Events, Airports, Stadiums, Pilgrimage sites, Automated Factories or Conference Halls. Vehant’s FRS not only plays a consequential role in the real-time patrolling and securing of throng and sundry areas, but it also ensures persuasive experience for the visitors and stake holders.

Facial Recognition Technology has become increasingly common in day-to-day life, specially in various sectors such as industrial, banking, retail and airports for security. It is in demand for data recording purpose where no facial analysis could result in operational bottlenecks. Vehant’s FRS uniquely offers myriad of innovative, real-time solutions, implementing leading-edge AI-ML, thus rendering other FRS systems obsolete.