Fire and Smoke Detection

Fire and Smoke Detection

Vehant’s Fire & smoke detection system uses a proactive approach of detecting a fire and smoke incident via field of view of its camera wherein the incident is detected at the early stage and a preventive action could be taken. The system does not require maintenance and is rigorously tested against triggering of false alarms. Our system is applicable to high rising buildings of more than 10m height that face issues with the stratification of smoke. Depending on the environment, Vehant’s AI based Fire and Smoke detection system will react within 10 to 60 seconds of detecting smoke in the field of view. This technique expedites the detection manifold.

Whenever and wherever smoke or fire is detected, you will receive an immediate notification on your computer screen, phone or via e-mail. Vehant’s Fire and Smoke Detection system detects such events in real time. The system generates reports through the event log enabling quick search among the records. Vehant’s Smoke and Fire Detection Technology offers sufficient time to the operator for careful interpretation of the alarm. It is extremely fast and offers visual verification thus providing the operator with valuable time for insightful decision making.

System’s Features

  • Real time detection
  • Calibration of detection
  • Accuracy of detection
  • Events on single dashboard
  • Larger detection area captured
  • Customization specific to site
  • No maintenance required


Salient Features – Fire & Smoke detection & Video Analytics

  • Fire detection
  • Smoke detection
  • Applicable to high rise buildings
  • Low response time
  • Immediate incident notification
  • Proactive
  • Integration with extinguishing system
  • Video capturing of incident
  • Defaulter’s image capturing


Fire and Smoke Detection
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Fire & Smoke Detection Camera

Vehant’s Fire & Smoke Detection Camera based on AI-Deep learning algorithms, are capable of identifying the smoke instantly which takes time to rise high or fast enough to reach the detector mounted on the ceiling or to the beam detectors. Few examples of such architectures are airport passenger terminals, aircraft hangars, production factory halls, retail spaces, historical buildings with high ceilings, etc. Deep learning models used in Vehant’s FSD system within the camera, have improved the state-of-the-art recognition of smoke and fire, outperforming human-level performance thus significantly reducing chances of error.

Fire is the most dangerous and hazardous abnormal event. If not controlled early, it may lead to a huge disaster causing human, structural and economic loss. Even the smallest fire can have a major impact on certain plants or factories pertaining to temperature sensitive atmosphere such as Chemical, Oil and Gas Industries. The initial five minutes are critical for a blazing fire.