Video Analytics & Logistics Industry

Video Analytics & Logistics Industry

Vehant’a OKEAN platform is a comprehensive solution for logistics & delivery analytics. This AI-based video analytics platform can help detect and alert about various SoP compliances for riders including but not limited to check-in and check-out monitoring, process optimization, face mask detection, etc. Using Computer Vision, object detection and classification, this platform can analyze live video feeds from camera and provide advantages in various areas starting with real-time detection.

Incident Detection Video Analytics

Our video analytics platform uses the data generated across multiple cameras and locations and provides users with visuals through dashboards for analysis. The incidents that can be detected using our incident detection system include person collapse, intrusion, fire detection, smoke detection, abandoned object on premise, etc. Our video analytics platform for logistics can identify the range of event in a video and the machine learning techniques establish objectives for incident detection. The platform has a state-of-the-art incident detection capability with video understanding for effective analysis of video events.  

Our platform is also easily compatible with mobile phone systems driven by Android and Apple iOS.

Proposed Use Cases - Video Analytics & Logistics Industry

  • Face-Mask Detection
  • Contact-less Attendance Monitoring
  • Rider identification and enrollment process 
  • Video/Image-based transaction recording
  • Dress codes/Uniform Monitoring


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AI-based Video Analytics

Vehant’s AI-powered Video Analytics platform ‘Okean’ provides Enterprise Analytics Suite and APIs. It leverages CPU, GPU, AI Accelerators, and Software technologies to offer incident detection, alert generation, data visualization, all in a simple, intuitive, and unified user interface. At the core, it uses advanced techniques in Computer Vision, Object detection and classification, for analyzing live video feeds/images from the camera to detect incidents. The business intelligence (Data presentation and visualization) layer helps provide actionable insights for users which can help reflect on understanding important incidents, people behavior, incidents patterns, etc.

What is video analytics?

Video is full of unstructured data, which means it is typically unreadable by a machine. Video analytics solutions based on AI-powered algorithms unleash and tame unstructured data, making it usable in a myriad of new and exciting ways. AI is the bridge between unstructured and structured data, ultimately monitoring video with a specificity like never before and video analytics transforms it into searchable data that leads to actionable intelligence.

Uses of Video Analytics

Vehant’s video analytics solution provides cloud-based and in-premise analytics for customers from the traffic management and enforcement, retail, hospitality and industrial segments. The video analytics solutions are easily integrable with standard CCTV systems installed locally at the premise of the customer and needs basic camera infrastructure.

VA Advantage

Video Analytics offers operators to overcome the problem encountered due to fuzzy images. Each frame holds its own importance in the video analysis since it is related to different features of the vehicle like vehicle license plate number, etc. Digital image processing algorithm in Vehant's video analytics solutions solves the problem and enhances the target details thus offering valuable information. The application of video analytics is extremely extensive at Vehant in order to provide favorable conditions for rapid detection/classification.

The advent of Video Content Analytics (VCA) technology has increased the significance of video footage in various security and surveillance related tasks at an exponential rate. The use of Vehant's video analytics solutions can assist law enforcement agencies in monitoring live feeds for different kinds of detection like traffic analytics, people analytics and enterprise analytics. any vehicle related incident and by sending instant alerts to the operator. Apart from these, such smart systems also help law enforcement agencies in multiple other ways.