PPEye (For PPE and Safety Violations)

PPEye (For PPE and Safety Violations)

Vehant Technologies’ PPE detection system is a data analytics solution that uses AI on images and facilitates in identifying and controlling PPE related violations, hazard and threat. Vehant provides this solution to its clients to prevent occupational hazards for their employees at work and emphasize on their safety.

Harness Detection Video Analytics

Our PPE detection system searches and identifies the cases that are non-compliant. The items like helmet, mask, eye-wear, etc. can be easily detected by our PPE detection system whether the workers are wearing them as per protocol or not.

Our PPE detection system can be easily deployed in chemical, construction and retail sites as well as manufacturing and production sites. The sectors like mining and construction demand additional security procedure to ensure safety of workers.

PPE Detection

Vehant’s PPE detection system with video analytics comes with many advantages. PPE detection is an emerging solution for the managers as it automates the tracking and monitoring of PPE equipment wear-ability. Workforce is not required for supervision, updates and analysis. Besides offering uninterrupted monitoring of workers, video analytics further detects those working without gloves or masks.

The detection system can guide the deviants to follow the guidelines. Furthermore, our system triggers an alarm to a Video Management Software. Likewise, safety zone violations are instantly reported to safety officers by the system via notification message in order to let them take prompt actions against accident.

Vehant’s PPE Detection System & Video Analytics Features

  • Automated tracking and monitoring of PPE equipment
  • Human Supervision eliminated
  • Alarm triggered to Video Management Software
  • Enforces safety compliance
  • Instant notification to safety officials
  • Safety helmet detection
  • Safety vest and harness detection
  • Face-Mask Detection
  • Safety Boots Detection
  • Safety Eyewear
  • Safety Gloves
  • Contact-less Attendance Monitoring
  • Worker loitering and crowd gathering analysis
  • Proper Eye safety wear detection
  • Dress codes/Uniform Monitoring
  • People counting
  • Default & Alerts on single platform
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Personal Protective Equipment Detection

The research related to video analytics for PPE detection system at Vehant involves ML-DL algorithms. With the help of these technologies, the PPE detection program scans the employees and checks if they are properly equipped with their personal protective gear or not and thus corroborates the safe environment.

Okean AI platform is used for PPE violation detection. It accesses and reads the data from the camera, performs neural network analysis  and thus checks the violations like wearable gear, unauthorized intrusions, etc. through inflow videos. The platform generates violation reports and notifications that can be accessed through the dashboard and Mobile App.

PPE Monitoring System

It is crucial to ensure the safety of the staff at every site, whether it is industrial or construction site. Ensuring safety and security of workers is practically difficult for managers since it is impossible to physically ensure that the staff is wearing their PPE. PPE is therefore indispensable to ascertain employee safety on those sites. PPE equipment are characteristically designed to ensure safety of employee from fatalities.