PPEye (For PPE and Safety Violations)

PPEye (For PPE and Safety Violations)


To ensure the workers safety on an industrial site, or a construction site, is extremely crucial. It’s very difficult for the managers to ensure that all staff are wearing their PPE properly. Hence, PPEye is an AI driven image analytics solution which caters to the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) related hazard and threat detection scenarios, and violations. This system can be used to search and detect those non-compliance cases where mandated PPE items like helmet, jacket, gloves, eye-wear, etc are not wore by the workers properly. It can be easily deployed in shop, construction sites and production premises of customers in the core manufacturing, process, chemical and construction sectors. 

Under PPE Violation Detector, our Okean AI platform reads data directly from the camera feeds, run Computer Vision and Neural Network analysis to check for protective gears, restricted zone intrusions etc. in inflow videos and lets you view the violations on dashboards and Mobile App as report and alerts.

Proposed Used Cases - PPE Industry & Video Analytics

  • Safety helmet detection 
  • Safety vest and harness detection 
  • Face-Mask Detection
  • Contact-less Temperature Checking
  • Contact-less Attendance Monitoring
  • Worker loitering and crowd gathering analysis
  • Gloves and shoe detection 
  • Proper Eye safety wear detection 
  • Dress codes/Uniform Monitoring
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Vehant’s AI-powered Video Analytics platform ‘Okean’ provides Enterprise Analytics Suite and APIs. It leverages CPU, GPU, AI Accelerators, and Software technologies to offer incident detection, alert generation, data visualization, all in a simple, intuitive, and unified user interface. At the core, it uses advanced techniques in Computer Vision, Object detection and classification, for analyzing live video feeds/images from the camera to detect incidents. The business intelligence (Data presentation and visualization) layer helps provide actionable insights for users which can help reflect on understanding important incidents, people behavior, incidents patterns, etc.