Retail Video Analytics

Retail Video Analytics

Retail industry has come under a lot of pressure amid the Covid-19 crisis. The retail video analytics offered by Vehant will help you face the biggest challenge I.e. to reclaim the shaken confidence, trust and faith of the customers. Not only this but will also help the user in understanding the shopping insights & demographics. 

Retail Analytics is a integrated video analytic solution which allows to improve the security and business performance of chain shops, stores, malls, etc. The analytics ensures complete compliance of COVID guidelines such as Retail Video Analytics,  People counting camera,  people counting analytics etc. By leveraging AI and advanced real-time analytics, OKEAN AI helps retail businesses uncover consumer shopping patterns and help deliver superior shopping experience. It helps in enhancing customer experience, optimized store performance, reduces operational costs, and ultimately higher profitability

Okean AI solution continuously gathers actionable data which automatically assembles into meaningful metrics and information. The Smart Retail solution takes advantage of cameras combined with analytical software to gather data on store operations and customer trends. 

Proposed Used Cases - Retail Industry & Video Analytics

  • Social Distance Detection 
  • Face-Mask Detection
  • Contact-less Temperature Checking
  • Contact-less Attendance Monitoring
  • Hot spot analysis/Crowd gathering  Management 
  • Dress codes/Uniform Monitoring
  • Cleanliness Monitoring
  • Path mapping of customers 
  • Pilferage and theft
  • Video record of all transactions (cash analytics) 
  • Facial Recognition & Emotion Analysis
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People Counting Camera

Vehant’s AI-powered Video Analytics platform ‘Okean’ provides Enterprise Analytics Suite and APIs. It leverages CPU, GPU, AI Accelerators, and Software technologies to offer incident detection, alert generation, data visualization, all in a simple, intuitive, and unified user interface. At the core, it uses advanced techniques in Computer Vision, Object detection and classification, for analyzing live video feeds/images from the camera to detect incidents. The business intelligence (Data presentation and visualization) layer helps provide actionable insights for users which can help reflect on understanding important incidents, people behavior, incidents patterns, etc.