Explosives Trace Detector - NanoSniffer™

Explosives Trace Detector - NanoSniffer™

Explosive Trace Detection technology is important to stay ahead of potential threats to airport security surfacing these days. Fostering the use of ETD at security checkpoints and entry/exit gates helps in ensuring security of the travelling community. A majority of air travelers in developed countries are familiar with ETD systems.

What are Explosive Trace Detectors?


Explosive Trace Detectors (ETDs) can detect bombs, drugs, narcotic substances, and deadly explosive chemicals such as Nitro-glycerine, Ammonium Nitrate, and RDX in minimum time. Vehant's ETD can distinguish between military, regular, and handmade explosives. Vehant's explosive trace detector can further classify the explosives on the basis of their character using different sampling methods. The explosive trace detection system helps in identifying the fatality of the explosive.  The purpose is to identify and prohibit those who have handled harmful or potentially illegal substances from gaining access.

  • World's First Microsensor based Explosive trace detector
  • No carrier Gas/Dopant required
  • No radioactive source required
  • Rapid clear-down time
  • Data can be viewed offline
  • Detection in less than 10 seconds
  • Can detect "Nanogram" quantities of Explosive Traces
  • Video and Audio alerts with sunlight-readable color display
  • Not respond to the odour of non-explosive like medicines & perfumes.
  • Very Low Operational Cost per annum as compared to other foreign OME's
  • Resists contamination from weather, humidity, dirt and dust
  • Operation not affected by Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI) of other electronic/electrical devices


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Role of ETD Swabs


ETD Swabs are used to extract traces of explosives from the object under inspection. These swabs undergo high temperatures to extract explosive trace elements so that Vehant's system can identify them. 

Vehant's ETD machine detects minute explosive traces (nanograms level) and analyses trace materials. The security screener must take a swab of an object's surface or passenger's clothing and place it inside the explosive trace detector machine, which detects traces of explosives using a nanogram level. Handbags, cell phones, shoes, and hands are other places where ETD swabs can be used to detect chemicals. Taking a sample and running it through an ETD device takes seconds, ensuring customer safety with minimal inconvenience.

The NanoSniffer™ is an advanced and low-cost Trace Explosives Detector which efficiently exploits the physical nature of the explosives in their detection. It is based on Micro-sensors, High Sensitivity & High-Speed Electronic Instrumentation, and Intelligent Mathematical Algorithms.