NanoSniffer™ - Explosives Trace Detector
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NanoSniffer™ - Explosives Trace Detector

  • World's First Microsensor based Explosive trace detector
  • No carrier Gas/Dopant required
  • No radioactive source required
  • Rapid clear-down time
  • Data can be viewed offline
  • Detection in less than 10 seconds
  • Can detect "Nanogram" quantities of Explosive Traces
  • Video and Audio alerts with sunlight-readable color display
  • Not respond to the odour of non-explosive like medicines & perfumes.
  • Very Low Operational Cost per annum as compared to other foreign OME's
  • Resists contamination from weather, humidity, dirt and dust
  • Operation not affected by Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI) of other electronic/electrical devices
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The NanoSniffer™ is an advanced and low-cost Trace Explosives Detector which efficiently exploits the physical nature of the explosives in their detection. It is based on Micro-sensors, High Sensitivity & High-Speed Electronic Instrumentation, and Intelligent Mathematical Algorithms.