Under Vehicle Scanning System

Under Vehicle Scanning System

In the current scenario, the world is witnessing a rise in terror activities and threats. Vehant’s NuvoScan® Under Vehicle Scanning System proves to be a path-breaking innovation. Our AI & ML based UVSS, is a complete camera system combining hardware and software to scan the undercarriage of vehicles passing through the checkpoints. Undercarriage is the only area of a vehicle which can never be locked or sealed hence automatic under vehicle inspection system is needed.

Area under the vehicle can be used to hide damaging objects such as contraband and bombs without the knowledge of vehicle driver/owner. Our under vehicle scanning system is developed with world-class technology based on the real-time COLOR area scanning. The vehicle scanning machine provides top quality images of whole undercarriage using a dual camera system. NuvoScan® uses the combination of high-end electro-mechanical assemblies, cameras, LEDs, and sensors, besides an image processing software. This highly advanced AI based solution can easily inspect undercarriage of all kinds of vehicles, such as cars, trailers etc. This solution is best suitable for corporate offices, government offices, airports, hotels, defence regiments, malls & marts and premises where vehicle monitoring is highly recommended and vehicle incident detection is crucial for attaining safe environment. The system is easy to install and maintain.

Under Vehicle Inspection Camera

The under vehicle inspection system uses under vehicle inspection camera that eliminates the need of physical devices to detect the destructive & illegal objects. The concerned personnel can inspect the images thus detecting and alerting about such objects and putting off vehicle incidents. The inspection camera captures 3D images that count for its efficiency and accuracy. The camera uses state-of-the-art software for user-friendly interaction with the inspection system for scanning the underside of the vehicle. This under vehicle surveillance system can easily compare undercarriage images automatically with references. The automatic under vehicle inspection system offers a seamless image without distortion even when the vehicle completely halts over the UVSS.

Video Analytics Overhauling the Future of Vehicle Incident Detection

Video analytics systems have made the process of surveillance more reliable and efficient. Advanced technologies such as these provide law enforcement agencies with enhanced ways of detecting vehicle incidents on road. The image processing technology provides evidence and real time alert for vehicle incident. The law enforcement agencies are increasingly deploying security cameras with AI-based video analytics in traffic prone areas as well as on highways across the country to maintain the safety of commuters. This is among the major advantages offered by this technology in surveillance and security. Keeping security in mind, the virtual analytics surveillance cameras do not store data on their SD cards. Instead, they instantly upload the video to the cloud using a secure wireless connection. 

These cameras continuously send video footage of thousands of cameras and it’s virtually impossible for a manual operator to even see these many numbers of cameras, let alone act on events. Even if an incident happens, manual footage goes unobserved and incidents are missed and most of the CCTV cameras end up being for post-event analysis rather than prevention of vehicle incident /crime. AI/ML-based vehicle incident/event detection on CCTV videos and data analytics on the same makes the process of surveillance easier, effective and provides almost real-time prevention. It enables the authorities to take appropriate actions in time. Vehant's incident detection system sends alerts and gives important insights that make the authorities deal with the problems efficiently and smartly.

Incident detection system reduces response time

Accelerates response time: Video analytics technology can expedite incident detection by providing an easy way to review hours of video footage in minutes. Vehicle detection software identifies potential collision or any other vehicle incident quickly with the help of digital images and advanced image processing.

The system mitigates vehicle incident rate

Video analytics systems play a key role in detecting vehicle incidents. These advanced surveillance systems have the potential to track down incidents on raod, in no time. Additionally, technical capabilities of video analytics, involving deep learning algorithms, allow law enforcement agencies to easily detect vehicle incidents, reach the target place and avoid any further incidents. The use of incident detection system integrated with detecting abandoned objects can further reduce vehicle incidents.