DepScan Stereoscopic UVSS

DepScan Stereoscopic UVSS

Vehant’s DepScan UVSS is the Next-Gen game changing technology for the evergrowing realm of security tech with better efficiency level. Using advanced stereoscopic vision technology, DepScan does depth based comparison using multiple cameras, which are placed side by side to obtain multiple different views of the underbelly of any vehicle. The system generates a point cloud based 3D model which helps to get the relative depth information in the form of a disparity map.

Salient Features

  • Advanced stereovision technology
  • Generates point cloud based 3D Model
  • Gives relative depth information
  • High resolution composite COLOR image
  • Improves operators efficiency time
  • Entry database & reporting features
  • Secured password protection


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This technology is highly similar to human binocular vision. In the traditional UVSS, the underbelly scanning included inspection of ‘x-y’ axis, but in this new advanced technology a third dimension ‘z’ axis is also obtained that helps in differentiating the usual underside with any foreign object by studying the depth of the object. DepScan is equipped with advanced and user friendly GUI.