NuvoScan®  3D - Automated Under Vehicle Scanning System

NuvoScan® 3D - Automated Under Vehicle Scanning System

  • Dual imaging feature from (3D) left and right view in order to identify any possible threat
  • High resolution COLOR left and right composite images of the vehicle's underside
  • Novel view generation feature to see real life 3D visualization of the underside
  • Hard-to-view/occluded areas can be scanned easily through 3D UVSS system
  • Stop and Go image formation doesn't affect the image quality
  • Dual LED array for better illumination
  • Zoom facility upto 25X of the composite image to facilitate a closer view of niche areas
  • Able to compare both (left and right) views with the help of license plate/type database
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NuvoScan® 3D is an advanced automated 3D viewing Under Vehicle Scanning System, based on the latest dual camera AreaScan imaging technology. It comes packed with some unique algorithms which enhance the user experience many folds by exploring the 3D aspect of the vehicle’s underbelly. In addition to the 3D visualization, one area where the new technology stands out is in bringing forth otherwise hidden or partially occluded objects by showing a dual view of the vehicle, which may not have been the case in the older generation SingleView systems.