NuvoScan® (P) - Portable Under Vehicle Scanning System

NuvoScan® (P) - Portable Under Vehicle Scanning System

  • High resolution composite COLOR image
  • Air cleaner mechanism for all weather operation
  • Vehicle entry database & reporting features
  • Security password protection
  • Easy to install


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NuvoScan® (P) is an advanced, portable automated Under Vehicle Scanning System (UVSS). NuvoScan™ (P) is based on the latest and highly advanced, area scan imaging technology. It uses the combination of high-end electromechanical assemblies, cameras, illuminators, and sensors, besides NuvoScan® (P)’s Area scan by using the Area image composing software. The visual information captured is synthesized by the system and subsequently a high-quality composite underside image of the vehicle is produced to facilitate efficient viewing and detection of any potentially harmful objects, that may be attached to the underbelly of the vehicle.