KritiScan<sup>™</sup> 100100DV - Dual View X-ray Baggage Scanner
KritiScan 100100DV - Dual View X-ray Baggage Scanner
Features at a Glance
  • Multi energy based Innovative Dual view Technology to generate horizontal and vertical view of the object
  • Radiation safe as per AERB
  • High Density alert feature
  • Edge Enhancement
  • 8X Zoom
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Traditional baggage scanners are based on X-ray attenuation technology. In this technology, the detection of threat objects relies on how various objects differently attenuate the X-ray beams passing through them. But in recent times, this capability has been enhanced by the use of dual-energy/view X-ray scanners. Dual View Technology produces two screening perspectives that enhance the operator’s ability to identify potential security threats with increased accuracy and speed. KritiScan™ 100100 DV is an advanced Multi-energy X-ray baggage scanner designed and developed by Vehant Technologies with Tunnel size - 1000 mm (W) X 1000 mm (H).
It uses innovative dual-view technology for generating a horizontal and vertical view of the object under inspection. A Dual View system provides multi-dimensional views of the scanned object which help in enhanced detection of contraband objects.