KritiScan - AI based object/shape detection Module

KritiScan - AI based object/shape detection Module


Salient Features - 

  • AI-based - Threat Object and Shape Detection Module
  • Detection of threats like Guns, Gun-Parts, Knives, etc
  • Isolates threats in a red box
  • Automatically stops the conveyor
  • Increases security and efficiency
  • Little or no training required
  • Industry-leading detection rates
  • Reduction of risk of human errors
  • Invaluable support for security operators
  • Real-time detection & Increases throughput 
  • Supports risk-based screening and more automation at the checkpoint


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Vehant's AI-based Object/Shape Detection software module is artificial intelligence (AI) based x-ray system for auto-detection of Guns, gun parts, sharps (knife, scissors). This module helps in examining the bags with high contrast filters and enhanced material discrimination. The software module isolates threats in a red box and automatically stops the conveyor to immediately alert the operator of critical threats. This results in accurate and reliable detection for security operators with low false alarm rates.

The Object/Shape detection module does not require any additional monitors, stands or hardware to be installed for output. "Creating a smarter & secure tomorrow",  The AI-based threat object and shape detection Module is introduced in the entire KritiScan range of X-ray Baggage Inspection Systems as an optional feature, both on new KritiScan machines and as an upgrade kit for existing baggage inspection systems.

The AI detection module is available for different tunnel sizes and does not require any additional hardware for computation, making it ideal for easy upgrade of checkpoints at airports, train stations, metro stations, government offices, commercial complexes, hotels, defense establishments for effective and convenient security management.