KritiScan® 6040 - Multi-energy X-ray Baggage Scanner

KritiScan® 6040 - Multi-energy X-ray Baggage Scanner

  • Multi-energy based single view scanner
  • Radiation safe as per AERB
  • Threat image projection
  • Energy saving mode
  • Self diagnosis feature


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KritiScan® 6040 is a multi-energy X-ray baggage scanner manufactured by Vehant Technologies with a tunnel size of 600 (W) mm X 400 (H) mm. KritiScan® is an ideal X-ray baggage scanning system for checkpoints and small baggage scanning requirements at high security premises such as Airports, Government offices, Railways, MRTS, and other premises checkpoint applications. KritiScan® X-ray baggage scanner has been certified by AERB India in terms of mechanical, electrical and radiation hazards. It comes with additional features such as Threat Image Projection, Central superior console and Video management for effective operation.