KritiScan® 6040R - 3D X-ray Baggage Scanner
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KritiScan® 6040R - 3D X-ray Baggage Scanner

  • Dual energy based virtual 3D imaging
  • Radiation safe as per AERB
  • Distortion correction through software
  • Self-diagnosis
  • Multi-energy high penetration
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KritiScan® 6040R - 3D X-ray Baggage Scanner is a highly competitive and technologically progressive product. It is based on highly accurate 3D technology for creating virtual 3D images, which provides the operator with an isometric view of the scanned baggage by generating three-dimensional images of the object. KritiScan® 6040R provides extremely detailed images for enhanced detection capabilities and enables the security and surveillance personal to view and inspect minute details inside the baggage . With this product, there is a shift in technology wherein while the traditional scanners could only identify/display 2-dimensional images but with KritiScan® 6040R 3D X-ray Baggage Scanner, the operator will now be able to have an isometric view of the object thus increasing the accuracy of detection and decreasing the threats.