VehiScan®  - Automatic Number Plate Recognition System

VehiScan® - Automatic Number Plate Recognition System

VehiScan®is the state of the art Automated Number Plate Recognition System that enables you to identify the vehicle by capturing and recognizing a moving vehicle’s number plate and transmitting time stamp of entry/exit to the database in real-time. It is an advanced license plate recognition system that uses computer-vision technology & has the ability to automatically identify the vehicle with the help of an image, provided by video surveillance cameras.

Salient Features of VehiScan® Automatic License Plate Recognition System-

  • Real time number plate detection and translation of license/vehicle registration number
  • High through-put at entry point with capability of processing vehicles at speed up to 40 km/hr
  • ANPR provides automated 24*7 surveillance
  • Auto alerts for notifying Hot-listed vehicles- Stolen, Suspected, Wanted/VIP
  • Multi-level, multi-locational and remote monitoring and reporting via ANPR system
  • Number plate recognition system ensures data security, confidentiality and integrity
  • Category management - Create or upload vehicle details for creating hot-list
  • Live preview of Frontal and Driver camera
  • Insensitive to environment variability
  • High accuracy during night and day
  • Multiple camera management through centralized monitoring station
  • Driver image capturing module (Optional)
  • In built feature of automated ticket generation
  • Integration with access control system

Vehant’s ANPR system comprises of optical character recognition (OCR) system, coupled with Artificial Intelligence based sophisticated software algorithms and related hardware. The OCR is based on latest pattern recognition, artificial intelligence and image processing techniques along with built-in proprietary algorithms to detect the number plate. The number plate recognition system consists of "frame-grabbing instrument". This instrument captures the image, selects the number plate’s position within the image along with relevant symbols using optical character reading (OCR) tools and converts the image into visually readable format. Our license plate recognition system is extremely useful for monitoring the vehicles.

The ANPR system can be integrated with another camera capturing driver’s image and adds to the decision making capacity for access control, security and traffic management personnel. Vehiscan system can further be integrated with other physical access control devices like boom barriers and sliding gates for smooth access.

Key Recognition Features

  • Recognizes license plate numbers of different dimensions, color, contrast, font size and style
  • Advanced search options (multiple digit flips)
  • Report generation module for custom reports
  • Recognizes dirty/damaged license plates
  • Double row license plates
  • License plates with additional text/special characters around the number
  • License plates of buses


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The automatic identification of vehicles by Vehant’s ANPR system is useful by the authorities and clients in controlling vehicle related crimes and traffic jams. It plays a crucial role in security zone access control and intelligent traffic management system. Our number plate recognition system can uniquely identify a car through its plate and further achieves several results post the recognition. The system uses color image processing technology to pre-process and extract the number region from the plate image. Vehant’s smart vehicle recognition system can be installed at various crucial places like tollbooth, airports, government offices, highways, parking areas, bridges, tunnels, traffic junctions, etc. for automated recognition of vehicle license plate information using a photograph of the vehicle. Our system can transmit the relevant information to another automated system to control payment of fee as well as for surveillance.