VehiScan®  - Automated Number Plate Recognition System
VehiScan® - Automated Number Plate Recognition System
Features at a Glance
  • Real time detection and translation of license/vehicle registration number
  • Higher through-put at entry points with capability of processing vehicles at speed upto 40 km/hr
  • Automated 24*7 surveillance
  • Auto alerts for notifying Hot-listed - Stolen, Suspected, Wanted/VIP vehicles
  • Capable of detecting and recognizing license plate numbers of different dimensions, color, contrast  (including varied fonts and styles)
  • Multiple entry points can be integrated together at a single central console
  • Data Security to ensure confidentiality and integrity
  • Category management - Create or upload vehicle details for  creating hot-list
  • Live preview of Frontal and Driver* camera
  • Advanced search options (multiple digit flips)
  • Reporting module to generate custom reports
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VehiScan®- Automated Number Plate Recognition System is a hi-tech computer-vision based system that is comparable with the best of ANPR systems available globally. The underlying technology comprises of optical character recognition (OCR), coupled with Artificial Intelligence based sophisticated software algorithms and related hardware. VehiScan® has proved to be very useful for vehicle monitoring in city surveillance scenarios for the identification of suspected and stolen vehicles.