TrafficMon® - No Helmet Violation Detection System

TrafficMon® - No Helmet Violation Detection System


Vehant offers a key solution - TrafficMon® No helmet detection system that helps increasing ridership safety. Road fatality rates are increasing day by day & one of the main reason of road fatalities is not using helmets while riding. Active law enforcement may help increase compliance, but ubiquitous enforcement requires many officers and may cause traffic jams and safety issues. 

1. Video AI based No Helmet Detection System

2. Intuitive and user friendly UI/UX

3. No helmet detection system works with non-lane discipline traffic

4. Data security to ensure confidentiality and integrity

5. Review no helmet violation and evidence data

6. Real time analyses of two-vehicular traffic and detection

7. User management and admin function

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No Helmet Detection system offered by us is based on AI - ML technology and is introduced after extensive research. No helmet detection technology not only removes manual intervention but also brings in transparency in the booking of violations, wherein a challan will be sent to the violator (without helmet) by capturing the number plate of the vehicle and video clip of the violator. All this is automated and thus results in reducing enforcement manpower and increasing the efficiency & accuracy of the system.