Radar Based Speed Violation Detection System

Radar Based Speed Violation Detection System

Vehant’s realtime 4D imaging radar based traffic violation detection system with HD technology designed for the measurement of speed, driving direction and range. It can track the objects within the range and provides vehicle density, vehicle count, classification, queue length etc. It can work under all weather conditions like rain, fog, dust and dark/night, etc without any cleaning requirement. 

The sensor is a robust low cost 4D/HD 76GHz Radar for traffic management applications, it can detect speed upto 320kmph.Vehant’s RADAR cam measures range, horizontal angle, vertical angle, radial speed, shadows and other parameters of multiple stationary and moving targets simultaneously.

Model No.: VT-HDR-100

Key Features

  • Radar based Speed Violation Detection System
  • Speed measured by the change in frequency of radio wave
  • Generates average speed using two reference points
  • Generates hot-listed/stolen & wanted vehicles data
  • Differentiates between shadow & vehicles
  • Reads up to 320 km/r with high accuracy
  • Detects Speed, Range, Direction & angles
  • User-friendly User Interface (GUI)
  • Detects moving & stopped traffic
  • Covers upto 4 Lanes
  • IP 67

Vehant developed TrafficMon® - a suite of traffic law enforcement and monitoring solutions - powered by Intel and AWS.

Intel Processors and Technologies deliver power efficient performance and specialized capabilities. We are benefiting from SMD MMX Instruction sets of Core i Series processor for further improving application performance.

Radar Based Speed Violation Detection System
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The system comprises of 4D radar and a lane video camera for number plate reading and evidence capture. A single system can cover up-to 4 Lanes. The inter-connected radar sensor and cameras will send the captured information to Local Processing Unit. The speed will be measured by the radar whereas the lane Video Cameras will automatically record the number plate of the violating vehicle. The data is further sent to the central platform for live viewing of real-time feeds & violations, automate traffic management & process e-challans to offenders.