TrafficMon® Red Light Violation Detection System

TrafficMon® Red Light Violation Detection System

The unprecedented increase in the number of vehicles has led to increased number of road accidents. Detecting and catching traffic violators has become a necessity for authorities all over the world in order to reduce chances of accidents and ensuring road safety. Red light violation and speeding is a major cause of road collisions. The offenders tend to violate traffic rules if they know that they can get away with it without getting caught. 

The research shows that a 15 year old technique of detecting red light violation used single camera for capturing image of vehicles and applying image processing techniques. The basic technique used in those systems was frame differencing where a comparison was made between the current picture frame and the previous one. Once detected, the video frames were used to capture its license plate. However, there were certain problems seen with such systems. False detection was observed due to changes in daylight. In certain cases, the system falsely detected RLVD when a vehicle was stationary at red light or if a non-vehicle object like a pedestrian or bird crossed the border line.

  • Video based Red Light Violation Detection System
  • Complete evidence capturing mechanism
  • Works with non-lane discipline traffic
  • Intuitive and user friendly user interface
  • Data security to ensure confidentiality and integrity
  • 24x7 Day and night operations
  • Works seamlessly across all weather conditions
  • Review violation and evidence data
  • Real time alerts for Red light violation
  • Category management: Hot-listed/Stolen/VIP
  • Advanced search options
  • Customized reports
  • User management and admin function

Vehant developed TrafficMon® - a suite of traffic law enforcement and monitoring solutions - powered by Intel and AWS.

Intel Processors and Technologies deliver power efficient performance and specialized capabilities. We are benefiting from SMD MMX Instruction sets of Core i Series processor for further improving application performance.


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The RLVD systems have evolved with cutting edge technology and automated systems are more attentive in detecting traffic violations than human eyes. Such systems can reduce the burden of the officers and enforce the law by leading the drivers to be more responsive to traffic laws. Vehant Technologies offers Red Light Detection System to recognize the most common traffic violations such as over-speeding or red light violation. The artificial intelligence based system collects the data from the camera deployed on the roads or at the junction under consideration.

The system compares the results through the neural network by applying it to the base network in order to detect traffic violations in the captured videos. The equipment used for RLVD system includes smart overview camera and an ANPR camera with high capacity that is placed to cover the area over which the vehicles are restricted to pass. It is integrated with the signalized intersections in order to monitor heterogeneous traffic. The system is highly effective to check if any vehicle runs the red light or stops after the red light.