TrafficMon® - Speed Violation Detection System

TrafficMon® - Speed Violation Detection System


Over speeding is a major issue & one of the main reasons for road accidents and fatal casualties on the Indian roads. Speed detection is necessary as around 24% of the overall accidents reported are due to over speeding. SLVD system is introduced by Vehant Technologies to help in speed enforcement with greater consistency and accuracy, helping authorities to better manage this menace effectively.

1. Video AI-ML based Speed violation detection system

2. Speed detection camera calculates instant speed by analyzing time

3. Speed enforcement camera system is capable of calculating average speed of vehicles between two reference points

4. System can generate alert for stolen and hot-listed vehicles

5. Reads up-to 120km/hr of speed with high accuracy

6. Configurable speed limit as per user requirement

7. Speed violation detection system reviews violation and evidence data

8. Real time alerts for Red light violation

9. Category management: Hot-listed/Stolen

10. Advanced search options

11. Speed enforcement camera system generates customized reports

12. User management and admin function

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Speed Limit violation detection system will be functioning as a violation warning for all those vehicles which cross the maximum allowed speed on that route. SLVD includes high quality image capturing camera, integrated power efficient illumination, automatic self-control services and remote management GUI.