TrafficMon® - Speed Violation Detection System

TrafficMon® - Speed Violation Detection System

Vehant’s speed violation detection system is capable of assessing speed, direction and range of driving, using cameras with HD technology. This system has user friendly interface with capacity of covering multiple lanes. The speed enforcing camera system can provide information such as object density, vehicle classification, vehicle count, queue duration, etc.  

The company offers video-based and radar-based speed violation detection system. The video based speed detection system or the speed enforcement camera system uses image processing techniques on video streams. Among the various functionalities, the system provides distance and speed, detecting and tracking vehicles, removing shadows, and ease of using the system, etc. This system can calculate the speed of moving vehicles using sensors and capturing still image for offenders violating the set speed limit. The system helps in speed enforcement with accuracy and consistency and helps the authorities to manage the traffic effectively. 

The features of this system are enlisted below.


  • Video AI-ML based Speed violation detection system
  • Speed detection or enforcement camera calculates instant speed by analyzing time
  • Speed enforcement camera system is capable of calculating average speed of vehicles between two reference points
  • System can generate alert for stolen and hot-listed vehicles
  • Reads up to 120km/hr of speed with high accuracy
  • Configurable speed limit as per user requirement
  • Speed violation detection system reviews violation and evidence data
  • Real time alerts for Red light violation
  • Category management: Hot-listed/Stolen
  • Advanced search options
  • Speed enforcement camera system generates customized reports
  • User management and admin function

Vehant developed TrafficMon® - a suite of traffic law enforcement and monitoring solutions - powered by Intel and AWS.

Intel Processors and Technologies deliver power efficient performance and specialized capabilities. We are benefiting from SMD MMX Instruction sets of Core i Series processor for further improving application performance.

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With increased population, number of offenders violating speed limit has grown exponentially. Speeding is the major cause of road accidents and fatalities on roads. 24% of accidents happen due to speeding violation. Vehant’s speed violation detection system is applicable and used on highways, airports, sport grounds, etc.