TrafScan®- Vehicle Detection Camera

TrafScan®- Vehicle Detection Camera

  • Offers vehicle count and occupancy
  • System can also be used as overview camera for Red Light Violation Detection
  • High Resolution camera (5MP)
  • Integration with 3rd party systems like controller etc. for input to adjust traffic lights dynamically
  • Easy installation and maintenance

Intel Processors and Technologies deliver power efficient performance and specialized capabilities. We are benefiting from SMD MMX Instruction sets of Core i Series processor for further improving application performance.

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Intelligent vehicle detector and counting system for intersectional traffic control. Capable of working in a heterogeneous vehicle type environment (e.g. cars, bikes, etc.), it detects stationary and in-motion vehicles using a live camera and state-of-the-art software algorithms. It helps to understand traffic density and queue length based on vehicle count and zone occupancy information, to reduce vehicle stoppage time, resulting in a smoother flow of vehicles and better junction traffic flow management.