TrafficMon® - Triple Riding Violation Detection System

TrafficMon® - Triple Riding Violation Detection System

Vehant TechnologiesTriple riding violation detection system is a video based automated system for two-wheelers. The main objective of this system is to identify that three people are riding the vehicle. It uses automatic number plate recognition cameras to detect the violation. The system is capable of recognizing the license plates in real time when more than two people are riding the vehicle. The ANPR cameras in the field of view of the system provide the violator’s license plate number. The main features of this system include

  • Works extensively in 24x7 environment.
  • Capable of working as independent system. It can further be used as an add on to an existing hardware setup of other systems like ANPR, SVD, RLVD systems, etc.
  • The triple riding violation detection system can be integrated with other security modules

Vehant developed TrafficMon® - a suite of traffic law enforcement and monitoring solutions - powered by Intel and AWS.

Intel Processors and Technologies deliver power efficient performance and specialized capabilities. We are benefiting from SMD MMX Instruction sets of Core i Series processor for further improving application performance.

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The triple riding violation system uses an algorithm to detect the number of persons riding a two-wheeler vehicle. The system identifies the vehicle as triple riding violation or rule breaching vehicle. The image of the vehicle is stored with the various other features of the vehicle like license plate number, vehicle speed at the particular frame, etc. The system significantly supports the overall traffic violation detection system by independently taking care of the triple riding violation module. 

Implementation of rules and continuous monitoring of the traffic is mandatory in order to curtail the rate of accidents and traffic levels. Riders in India commit traffic offenses like riding without helmet, riding wrong way, parking in wrong zone, obstructing the free left on junctions. The gravest of these violations is triple riding. In triple riding, the vehicle is overloaded that leads to stress on the structural rigidity of the vehicle. The load displaces the center of gravity of the vehicle and it looses balance easily, with 3 people riding it. Triple riding violation is not only dangerous for the riders, it is menacing for the people around them too, and jeapordizes public safety.