Wrong Way Detection System
Wrong Way Detection System


Salient Features

  • Video-based system
  • Does not use any inductive loop sensor/radar
  • Marks Wrong-Way Driving Detection violation when the vehicle is found to be moving in the opposite direction to the pre-defined direction of motion
  • Can be used as either a separate system or as an add-on module with an existing hard-ware setup 
Wrong Way Detection System
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TrafficMon - Wrong-Way Driving Detection System is the state-of-the-art video-based automated Wrong-Way Driving Detection System for vehicles. It uses ANPRcameras, for the detection of the violation. The ANPR Camera detects and identifies the vehicles plying on the wrong lane. The system looks on a lane with a pre-defined direction of motion of the vehicles and as soon as a vehicle is found to be moving in its opposite direction, the system marks violation as “Wrong Way Driving Detection”.