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Vehant Research Laboratory

Dr M. Balakrishnan (Honorary Professor, CSE, IIT Delhi) heads VRL. His areas of interest are embedded system design, and assistive technologies.
Dr Renu Rameshan (MS IISc, PhD IIT Bombay) is lead research scientist at VRL. Her areas of interest are computer vision, optimization, and ill-posed problems.
Dr Krishan Sharma (M.Tech DTU, PhD IIT Mandi) is research scientist-I at VRL. His areas of interest are image processing, computer vision, and signal processing.
Dr Shikha Gupta (Integrated PhD IIT Mandi) is research scientist-I at VRL. Her areas of interest are pattern recognition, deep learning for video analytics, and audio processing.

Research areas
Modalities: X-ray, milli-meter wave, computed tomography, infrared, RGB
Problems: Image reconstruction, ML based object detection, and image quality improvement.
3D Vision
Structure and metrology for security applications.
AI in surveillance
Pedestrian attribute recoginition, tracking, crowd detection and analysis, human activity recognition, anomaly detection.
Traffic AI
Traffic flow analysis, vehicle attribute recognition, traffic violation detection and analysis.
Audio processing
Sound event detection and keyword spotting.

Academic collaborations
1. Sponsored MTech
a) IIIT Delhi
b) IIT Mandi
2. Collaborators:
a) Dr Ananjan Basu, IIT Delhi
b) Dr Koteswar Jerripothula, IIIT Delhi
c) Dr Arnav Bhavsar, IIT Mandi
d) Dr Deepti P. P., NIT Calicut

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